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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  July 1, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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thanks to the location of the wound and some emergency care by ebony wound, he's expected to recover. there's no gun on that playground. >> reporter: that's not what the boy's mother claims. >> the gun was found in a play ground, what he told me and the police. >> the mom says both she and her son are distraught and deeply sorry for what happened.
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>> i'm just sad. my son is going through it. i just want to be left alone. >> reporter: after the shooting, the five-year-old returned to his apartment with that gun, and that was where it was later found and removed by detectives. >> stacy, what comes next? we're talking about a five-year- old child. clearly it sounds like it was an accident. what happened to the child? >> at the moment the child is in his mother's custody. police talked to the child. though it doesn't appear there was malice, the big question is was a weapon improperly secured perhaps in the home or on the playground. they want to find out how the gun got into his hand, and there could be charges if it is found an adult is responsible for that. >> stacy, thank you for the update. a d.c. police officer indicted for the murders of his mother and daughter. police arrested richmond phillips last month, charged in the murder of the beating death
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of loretta rice and manslaughter in the death of her baby jailen. jailen found abandoned in a car. she died from the extreme heat. we are learning new details tonight about a deadly stabbing in hyattsville, maryland. a young man was killed and three others hurt in the violence last night. john hanrahan joins us live from hyattsville with the latest. john? >> reporter: this part of hyattsville is a shopping complex called the university town center. . a small fight broke out last night between two young men. a third guy jumps in, it turns into a brawl involving as many as two dozen people. four were stabbed, one of them has died. and the young man who -- teenagers and young actualities gathered at the complex every day, especially in the summer. >> the staff happening out there in groups of five or
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seven. >> have you ever seen fights between the groups? >> no fights. maybe a little words, transpiring between different groups. >> reporter: on thursday around 6:25 p.m., word led to a fight between two boys on this corner of the complex. according to an eyewitness who prefers to remain unidentified. >> that's when all of them started fighting. >> reporter: our witness said 20 to 25 people were involved in the fight when one or two people pulled out knives and started stabbing. one of the stabbings occurred in this wide courtyard area. >> he had his whole right side of his shirt was bloody. he had a black shirt on, took it off and wrapped it around his body to stop the bleeding. >> reporter: we found three separate blood trails. one of the victims died from his stab wounds. according to prince george's county public schools, he was a 2008 graduate of northwestern high school located a mile from the scene of the fight.
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the dead man identified as 21- year-old leonard. are smith matthews. according to his facebook page, he was a musician and singer who performed with local bands. now according to hyattsville police department, the three other people injured here are expected to survive their wounds. detectives from prince george's county contacted the homicide county, because a homicide is involved. there are not that many hds in this small town. they are working this case, have been working it since the stabbing nearly 24 hours ago. we do not have any word as to whether or not they have made any arrests. we keep pressing them, and so far they say no word on arrests yet. >> i wonder if you know whether or not this was gang remitted. i know there was some question as to who it was gang related. what do you know about that? >> my quick answer is probably
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not. everybody is asking me was this racial, because this is a multiracial area. the two people involved in the fight, one was white, one was black. the witness told us the white guy was hanging out with a group of white kids. she does not think it was racial in any way. it was words between two young men. >> let's hope it's over and there's no chance of retaliation. john hanrahan, thanks very much for the update. we have an update now on a developing story on the national mall. the washington monument is open again, and that elevator is back in service. the elevator inside the monument got stuck about 500 feet in the air trapping 16 people inside. firefighters managed to keep the elevator to the ground and get everyone out safely. however a few dozen tourists still at the top of the monument had to walk down 50 flights of stairs of stairs to get out. the start of a three-day weekend for many of you, which means plenty of traffic headed
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to the beach. this is a live look at the chesapeake bay bridge, the toll booth there. you can see all of these cars lined up waiting to get over the bridge tonight. traffic is a nightmare. let's hope the weather won't be. we're here to let you know what we can expect for the rest of the forecast. gary? >> they know going into that that they're going to have to sit and wait. but so nice out there. loads of sunshine today. let me show you true view, because it pretty much is wide open to the west. you see that clusters of blue and yellow? that's a cluster of thunderstorms out through indiana, spilling over into ohio. we don't need to worry about that at all. now, we do have a chance of thunderstorms in the weekend forecast. we are good to go this evening. you can expect pretty much crystal clear skies most of the evening. temperature now up to 90 degrees, dulles 88 and baltimore 88 degrees. what about your july the fourth
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weekend? we've been keeping a close eye on this over the last couple of days, and not much has change. we know it will continue to get hotter, and looks like it will be lower to mid 90s tomorrow, lower to mid 90s on sunday, and looks like we'll have a few thunderstorms on sunday; but what we will see for sunday, especially sunday, the humidity will make a return. a little on the muggy side, and we'll have storms. looks likely now on sunday. we've been talking about the frontal system. the big question is how much if any will the front affect us for the fourth? keeping thunderstorms in the forecast for the fourth of july. not a washout, not a rain-out, and we're hoping to get the storms to stay to the south. so it doesn't affect the fireworks around here on monday evening. that's the way it's looking
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now. stay with us, and i'll show you how nice it will be for the beaches for the folks trying to get across the bridge. >> we're hanging on waiting for the forecast, gary. thank you. hundreds of thousands of people on the national mall for the celebration on the fourth. the national park service urging everyone to use metro to get to the mall. for security reasons, the smithsonian station will be closed for most of the day, but you will be able to use it to go home once the fireworks are over. for more details on metro, which roads are closed, where the entry points where the mall are located, go to our web site and look under hot topic. red light cameras, cameras at two main intersections, fairfax circle and university drive and north street go into effect today. now for the first 30 days, violators will get a warning ticket, and make sure you obey the rules of the road on virginia's highways, too. state police say 75% of the force will be on patrol through
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monday. you have been warned. monitoring metro tonight, trains in full service on the fourth of july to get visitors to and from the national mall. no track work scheduled for monday. however crews will be doing maintenance starting at 10:00 tonight on the red, blue and orange lines, so you should add about 20 minutes for your travel time through sunday. and if you happen to be traveling on metro and see something you would like to report, take a picture or video, and send us an e-mail. send it to us at fox5 metro and the former inf chief accused of sexual assault gets the green light from the judge. dominique strauss-kahn out of house arrest. word is the case against him could be falling aparts. the details coming up next. and firefighters losing ground in the wildfire battle sweeping new mexico. fierce flames have spread to more than 100,000 acres. the latest on this still developing situation is next. >> keep it right here. fox5 news at five is coming
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right back.   
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he spoke with the national press club today saying he loves his wife and the space shuttle. >> many of you have been
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following the recovery of my wife gabby. she's doing very well. she's sorry she couldn't be here today. we both are so appreciative of the outpouring of support, the hopes and prayers of so many people are tremendous source of strength to her, but also to me, our family, our friend and our staff. i love her very much. but i have to say i love the space shuttle very much. the space shuttle have been very good to this country. it's an incredible ship that is difficult to let go. but also know that nasa will open a new and exciting chapter. we're going to continue to inspire our children, and we're going to be -- continue to be a great investment for the american people. >> kelly is retiring the navy and from nasa, and maintenance to spend more time with his wife and his family. a major development today in the sexual assault case
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against a former leader of the international monetary fund. dominique strauss-kahn is no longer under house arrest after the credibility of his accuser came into question. laura engle has the details from lower plant. >> reporter: dominique strauss- kahn leaving the courthouse a free man. prosecutors agreeing to release him and return his bail after questions surfaced about the credibility of his accuser. >> we've maintained from the going to that mr. strauss-kahn is innocent of these charges, and these recent disclosures reenforce our conviction that he will be common rated. >> reporter: prosecutors say the accusers admits she lied to the grand jury about what happened after the alleged attack. she initially claimed she ran down the hallway and contacted a supervisor, but now says she cleaned a nearby room after the alleged attack, then returned to the suite where it took place and began cleaning that room before contacting a supervisor.
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plant district attorney cyrus van says strauss-kahn still faces sexual assault charges, including attempted rape. >> our prosecutors from the plant da's office will continue their investigation into these alleged crimes, and will do so until we have uncovered all relevant facts. >> the attorney for the accuser, ken thompson admits his client made mistakes, but says it does not mean she is not a victim of rape. slamming the da's office and taking a shot at the district attorney himself. >> our concern is that plant district attorney cy vance is too afraid to try this case. >> reporter: thompson says the victim will come out and tell her story, but didn't say when. in lower plant, laura engle, fox news. >> district attorney bernie graham joins us now to dissect this more. bernie, thanks for being with us. a stunning turn of events. we were so surprised when we
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saw this last night. went from being a seemingly air- tight case to hanging from a thread. what is your reaction to this? >> it's seismic. a month ago when the news broke out, people said this guy did it. i imagine the saying is true it his somewhere in the middle. i think the mistake was her lawyer coming out and calling out the prosecutor, saying he's a coward, afraid to bring the case to trial. a fascinating dynamic. >> is this a career decision for the lawyer? >> somebody's career when you spin the wheel and it stops, somebody is not going to -- i guess when the music stops, somebody is not going to have a chair. obviously strauss-kahn's lawyers are doing a remarkable job. bill taylor from washington, d.c. is a remarkable lawyer, and can't be second-guessed. so this is -- it doesn't appear that there's any forensics right now that prove anything one way or the other. there's not a witness, so lying to the grand jury and lying to the police are both crimes.
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one is perjury. >> they're not dropping charges yet or they have not mentioned that. what is that telling you? is there something else at play or coming down the road? >> that was an interesting question you asked, because ky vance didn't go up to the microphone and say this case is proceeding to trial or we believe the defendant is guilty. he said we're going to continue today until we find out all the facts. we'll sit down and go through them and make a decision. he didn't say the case was going to trial. i listened careful fly. he said we'll turn every stone and see what's underneath and make a decision. >> and they're not just saying that the rape didn't happen. is this a credibility problem that is overshadowing a crime? >> yeah, you're mutely right. very well this woman may have been sexual assaulted, but since she's the only witness, and right now we don't know if the forensics are saying all things being equal there's no forensics, then her lying might undo the whole case against the defendant here, though he may,
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in fact, be guilty. >> so where does this all go from here? >> where does it go? >> i think strauss-kahn's lawyers are going to sit down with the prosecutor and say "this is one example of a fact -- a material fact that is inconsistent with what her original story is." i mean, i waited in the hall way, and now it's not i didn't wait in the hallway. after being sexually assaulted, she went and cleaned another room. i'm not saying the woman is lying, but sort of bizarre and unusual behavior under those circumstances. >> yeah, very bizarre to see this play out. thanks for joining us. the debate over the nation's debt limit continues, and the clock is ticking. the treasury department says congress only has one month left to raise the nation's borrowing limit or the government will default on its debt. the u.s. reached is $14.3 trillion limit back in may. higher revenue and accounting maneuvers have allowed the government to keep paying bills, but the treasury department says come august 2nd, it will default. default. the pentagon has a brand-
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new leader. leon panetta's first day on the job. the former cia director sworn in this morning. he spent much of the day speaking to top brass. he said, despite fiscal challenges here at home, they will not be a hollow force on his watch. developing in new mexico tonight, a massive wildfire burning at a close alamos nuclear facility has back the largest in the state's history. more than 100,000 acres have been charred, and fire officials say only a fraction of the fire is officially contained, but crews believe they have successfully stopped the flames from advancing toward the nuclear facility and the town of los alamos. officials say air quality tests have showed no radiation or other contamination. how could this happen? a woman's body found floating in a public pool for two days. >> tonight at least two dozen state-run pools are shut down. we are staying on top of this developing story. plus a new stroke story could have a direct impact on someone
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you love. why doctors say specific people in our area are at risk of not getting help when they need it the most. breaking down tonight's health alert next.  
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following up on a study of life-saving emergency care. it found that african-americans have a worse out come than whites because they are less likely to seek emergency treatment right away. now the author of the study is looking at the racial disparity in how the patients are treated. dr. amy shaw of washington hospital center here to talk about her findings. dr. shaw, thanks for being here. >> thank you, so much. >> just to be clear, we're not talking about racism, but more specifically why there is a different out come when it comes to having a stroke for white people versus black people. why did you do this study in the first place? >> that's correct. we know from previous studies that some studies have found a racial difference in treatment rates, not only before patients
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get to the hospital with factors affecting treatment rates, but also institutional factors, so a suggestion there may be racial bias among doctors. >> and this all comes down to one drug given immediately when you seek treatment, and more white people get this drug than black patients. >> right. the drug is called tpa, a clot busting medication. need to give it within three hours of the symptoms. so we studied all the hospitals across d.c. and all the stroke patients that showed up at the hospitals within one year, and found that blacks were one- third less likely to receive tpa than whites. however, most of this difference in treatment rates ended up being because patients delayed seeking emergency care. >> and have you been able to determine why it is that black patients don't get in for treatment immediately? does it come down to being informed or access medical care? >> right. a lot of it has to do with patients not recognizing they're having a stroke at the time or delaying in calling
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their friends and family first. but we found also that even for patients who showed up within the three-hour time window, blocks were still half as likely to receive tpa than whites. much of the difference explained by preexisting medical conditions, such as extremely high blood pressure at the time of treatment or additional stroke that made getting the drug unsafe. >> what will we see in terms of changes as a result of the study? how do you follow up on this? >> the good news is that patients have a lot of control over whether or not they're going to receive this drug. so there are important things to remember. first being aware of your risk factors for stroke, especially things like high blood pressure and taking the appropriate medications, following the right diet and exercise in order to keep control of these risk factors. second, if you're having a stroke, to call 911 immediately so that you can get emergency care as quickly as possible. >> okay. dr. amy shaw, thanks very much. very interesting findings, and hopefully it will save some lives. >> thank you. coming up on fox 5 news at
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five, we are keeping tabs on the twists and the turns in the casey anthony murder trial. today a courtroom drama turned into a virtual sparring match, forcing the judge to pull the plug. the latest from florida coming up next. but first here's gary. >> hey, shawn. listen, a little hotter today, and the trend will continue. look at it outside, though. just so gorgeous. if you haven't had a chance to get out there. temperatures around 90. as a matter of fact, temperature right now is 90. you wouldn't really know it, because the humidity is nice and low, and nothing but blue skies. humidity comes back, a chance for rain. the chance for the beach forecast and the holiday weekend forecast all coming up. stay with us. fox 5 news at five will continue.   
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the testifies rested yesterday, but this case isn't
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ready for the jury just yet. fox's ghoria gomez has the latest from orlando florida. >> it was a jaw dropper in the come. scholarship's mother, cindy anthony telling the jury last week it was she who looked up chloroform on the family computer, not casey. >> i started looking up chloroform -- i mean, chlorophyll, and that prompted me to look up chloroform. >> prosecutors say months before caylee disappeared, her mother looked up how to make $form on the family computer 84 times and used it to drug her daughter caylee. but cindy took responsibility for the computer searches. she said, while her work schedule showed she was at work the afternoon of march 17th and 21st, 2008, she was really at home. blind-sided by cindy's shocking rev haitians, the prosecution challenged her testimony. >> were you home on march 17th of 2008 between 1:43 and 1:55
5:31 pm
p.m.? >> if the computer entries were made, then i made them, i was home. >> reporter: in an effort to show she lied to the jury, the prosecution called cindy anthony's former employer. don camperlingo testified work and computer records with cindy anthony's computer name and password showed she was at work during those pivotal does in march. cindy anthony testified she was allowed to fudge her timecards to avoid overtime issues. her former supervisor said timecards are thoroughly checked for accuracy. >> if there was ever a time that she would be allowed to be at home, comp time, and yet the records would reflect she was actually at work and logged in? >> no. >> would that be illegal to do? >> yes. . >> reporter: gloria gomez, fox 5 news. >> the judge is hoping to get the case to the jury by this weekend.
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the california department where james whity bulger hid out for years is a hot commodity. the landlord said they're getting more calls from ever from people interested in renting this apartment. the boston mob boss reportedly stashed $80,000 in the walls when he lived there with his girlfriend. he paid about there ared 1,100 a month to rent the apartment. some people are willing to pay double just to live there. investigating how a woman's body remained in a public this will for two days without no one noticing -- without anyone noticing, that would be. the mayor of the town said folks visited the pool twice after she drowned, but didn't spot her. it is believed she died on sunday. kids who jumped over the pool fence after hours found her tuesday night. the pool had been busy during the day, but swimmers and lifeguards didn't see her. investigators even filed a report on pool conditions. >> the only thing of note in the report is that the inspector did indicate the pool
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butter was cloudy. >> the two inspectors are now on paid leave. some pool staff have been suspended and all deep water massachusetts pools are now closed. health officials say there's no danger to anyone who swam in the water, because chlorine levels were safe. coming up on fox 5 news at five, forget the fork and knives. time to dig in. who walked away with bragging rights at this year's eating competition. it is that time of year after all. >> and calling on celebs to avoid a traffic jam, seriously. inside the social networking push to keep people off of one of the country's busiest highways. tell you who it is next. 
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s? we know kids get hit and tackled. they fall down all the time during these games. what should athletes and coaches be looking for to determine a sign of concussion. >> if anything changes whether it be the irritabilitity, the emotion standpoint, to sleep, from a physical standpoint, being dizzy, having trouble seeing, a sensitivity to light and noise, feeling -- having difficulty remembering things or being confused, all of those things are science of a concussion. >> let's go over the deadlines. a kid can get tackled, and whack happen. >> if they are suspected of having a concussion, they can immediately stop playing. that's the important thing. one of the good things about this whole program is that the media treatment and the long ongoing treatment is rest. the important thing not to get hit again.
5:38 pm
get yourself out of the way of getting in harm's way, and having good rest, both physical and cognitive. >> so essentially the player is benched until they're cleared. who makes that call? is it the coach, the parents, the student themselves? . >> the important thing is they get off the field. and in order to go back in, according to the new law in virginia, they have to be cleared by an appropriate health-care provider, and that includes doctors, nurse practitioners, certified athletic trainers, physicians assistants and neuropsychologistst. >> looking at some pictures right now with some rough hits going on there in a lacrosse game. you know, this is a great step, but is it just that? a first step? is it enough to prevent what could be really serious damage to a young person? >> well, i think the step is that awareness, making sure people are aware of what the signs and symptoms are, and then the important thing is to know that you need to do something about it. so, you know, again, you can
5:39 pm
have a concussion, a kid cannot tell the truth. it can be severe, and to do something about it, and that is to rest, and wait until all the symptoms subside. be seen by a qualified health care professional that knows how to assess concussions, and then go through, once all the signs and symptoms are over with, then you have to go through a procedure of a graded exercise back into a return to play. so it's a progressive return to play. >> let's hope everybody is getting the message out there. the fairfax county school athletic program, thanks for coming in. >> thank you. the greenest federal building in the country may be in golden colorado. the national renewable energy lab opened its newest office and it's 222,000 square feet. solar panels will offset the power used in the facility, walls all built from recycled
5:40 pm
concrete, seal in the warmth in the winter and cool air in the summer. the director claims it's 50% more efficient than other buildings. the lapd turning to some of hollywood's biggest names to get the word out about a traffic nightmare, now asking celebs to tweet that the 405 freeway in l.a. is closed later this month for repairs. so far ashton kutcher has responded with a bargain for the lapd. he wrote "lapd asked me to tweet 405 freeway will be closed july 16th and 17th. in exchange i would like a free pass on that stoplight ticket. it was yellow." >> i don't blame him. a little something for me, get a little something back there. >> absolutely. closing the 405 would be a nightmare in l.a. >> it would? >> yeah. just stay home. >> there you go. sunny and breezy at home today, but the heat seems to be coming back. what's on tap for the holiday weekend? the full forecast coming up next. and you know what? if you're playing basketball and have to get dunked on,
5:41 pm
maybe you need to find lebron james. tmz is working more of the basketball matchup between the miami heat star and a kid on the court. be right back.  
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to john mcclaren now davey johnson, a whirlwind of a weekend for the nationals and their managers. now they have their guy, and he's finally home for the home stand. i sat down with him moments ago. >> first of all, is it nice being the skipper again? >> yeah. i love it. i love being in the dugout. i love -- it's like eating.
5:45 pm
something you've got to do. >> second nature to you? >> second nature to me. really is. >> you knew jim riggleman. were you surprised at his abrupt resignation? >> i was shocked. i thought he had things going really good and the best winning streak, and really shocked. i like jimmy. known him forever. shook up my world. >> shook up a lot of people's world. you've been out of managing for 11 years. has the game changed much, or easy for you to flip the switch back? >> hasn't changed. players have the same goals, you know, being the best in their position, playing and beyond. you know, that hadn't changed at all. they making more money than they used to make; but i was a player rep 200, and, you know, i sat on a strike just to make it better for the players.
5:46 pm
it's the same thing. >> talking about this team specifically, from day one, you said they can win right now. >> yeah. >> do you think you have the pieces here? >> i like what our farm system is doing and what we have at this level. there's things, you know, i need to tweak here or there where i feel more comfortable,ly in the game where the manager is matching up with the other manager. i like to do a little something with that. but other than that. the guys in the lineup, get them to play up to their potential. if i do that, i think we'll be great. >> i promised i would come back to this, davey johnson not a one-trick pony. his wife owns a dress shop called bella. he knows a lot about fashion, ironic given that baseball managers are the burly guys, and they have the tough mentality. so i thought it was interesting when i first thought down with davey, he was talking to me about fashion. you never know with these guys sometimes. >> that just means they're well
5:47 pm
rounded. he can probably help his wife pick out clothes. it's kind of cool. >> that's what he said. he said a lot of people want to talk about baseball. he said "i want to talk about fashion." a cool story about him. >> a man in touch with his feminine side. >> thanks so much. >> hold on. wait a minute. still trying to process that. i'm not sure that's a good thing or a bad thing. i don't know. >> it's a good thing. >> should have done the news tonight with lindsay. >> a little hot, but is it gorgeous without the humidity. >> they would never let us go on a field trip. you can go tomorrow. >> wish i could. is it between the pirates. is that what you said? ? >> somebody help me please. that's why i wear this thing so somebody can give me answers. the pirates and some other team is coming. the pirates are good this year. i don't want to say the pirates are bad. the cubs are coming in town or something like that.
5:48 pm
listen, hopefully they can get three out of it's beautiful today, a little bit warmer. temperatures managed to get up to right around 90 degrees for everybody. did you see a cloud out there today? not many of you did. and the humidity has stayed in check. that will creep up a little bit tomorrow, and come back in a major way on sunday. more heat expected this weekend, more humidity, too. by sunday, a little change, a little wrinkle in that sunday forecast. we'll talk about that in a second. main jet stream running to the north of us. a little dip along the east coast; but back out to the west, we continue to see this high pressure getting bigger and bigger and bigger, and living underneath this area of high pressure, real hot temperatures out there today. st. louis was 94, and then back at wichita was well over a hundred degrees. most of the locations in texas that that i saw well up into the upper 90s, where the heat is.
5:49 pm
slowly but surely it's going to try to come on in. we're not going to get more of that heat, though, because we have a little frontal system that will work down on sunday. that is what will create a better chance of some showers and thunderstorms around here on sunday. maybe on monday. again we've been talking about that chance. we'll get there in a second. 90 degrees in town, 86 gaithersburg. fredrik, 90 degrees, a hot spot all week. nice at 7:00, down in the middle 80s, fair skies at 9, fair skies at 11. no worries this evening. the nationals will have no problem getting the win tonight. 93 tomorrow, tomorrow looks good, a little more humid and warm. still nice. coming in on sunday, the front gets close to us. it will kick off showers and thunderstorms. could be cooler on sunday than this 95 degrees if we get more cloud cover. but right now holding it at 95. i think we'll get enough
5:50 pm
sunshine to get up in the middle 90s. cooler on monday. a chance of a thunderstorm for july fourth. one thing we know about july fourth this year, not looking like a scorcher, a few storms possible between 90 and 92 degrees. if the front goes south, if the front pushes south of the district, the chances of a thunderstorm here not great. what about the beaches? pretty much the same thing. we've been calling for temperatures mid to upper 80s all week long. chances for storms on monday, a chance for a storm on monday, too. the beaches look good. the beach water temperature all up and down the shore, i just checked this, around 74 degrees. still chilly. 87 across the bay for cape may, 84 on saturday, a few thunderstorms on monday. keeping it dry for july the fourth at cape may. keeping it mostly dry for july
5:51 pm
the fourth, too. the beaches looking very nice. back here at home, comfortable temperatures tonight. lower 60s in the suburbs. here in town, around 70 degrees or so. the wins will remain light. early tomorrow morning, if you have a reason to get up early, we'll be a little chilly in the suburbs, 8:00 in town, 73 degrees, hot by noon, 87 degrees. an isolated storm possible tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening, one or two, and looks like most of that should stay to the west of us. a high of 92 degrees, 93 on saturday, 95 on sunday; and again, a few more clouds on sunday. we'll be a little cooler than 95, but it will be humid. a few storms possible on monday, but july the fourth so far is still looking like it's going to cooperate with just about everybody. 92 there. could be hotter, 91 on tuesday and wednesday when everybody is going back to work. >> thank you very much, gary. a little good news here.
5:52 pm
it's going to keep the arlington county planetarium open. it surpassed the goal of raising $400,000 in donations. more than 200 people donated $25,000 in the final stretch of the campaign to save the planetarium. one donor gave $60,000. the money will buy a brand-new projector, seating, lighting and a new light. the mother of a murder victim overcome with emotion as the police finally track down the killer. an arrest 12 years in the making and a story you will only see on fox 5. and the holiday bring new changes. the brand-new alcohol laws going into effect in maryland and virginia. have you seen this one? the man who camps child predators on camera at the center of a cheating scandal. he is caught on hidden camera on the news edge.
5:53 pm
the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas.
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ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly. but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today.
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5:56 pm
lebron james dupgs on a kid. i understand he did make it up to him, though. >> he did make it up to him. it was kind of funny. yesterday lebron was at a basketball camp with some 15- year-olds, high school students playing the game of knockout. and low problem got up to the line, a shot missed, which to me is the headline, but then lebron decides before the person behind him can get a basket he decides he's going to dunk. so he goes up and dunks right on top of this 15-year-old kid, knocks him to the ground, and, but lebron was a good guy, apologized afterwards and made it up to him. the headline is lebron missed. >> i know, right. i just saw that. i didn't see that before, but he kind of had to make up for his own miss there, right? >> exactly. >> rory, do you remember in the
5:57 pm
video we put up where lebron james wore like a 15-year-old or 17-year-old kid actually -- i dunk on lebron james. this was about 6, 7 months ago. >> i do remember that, yes. and it just went into my head. maybe because of the that bad memory at the last basketball camp, that's why lebron dunked on this one. >> that's great. >> all right. look forward to more on tmz on tv right here at fox 5 at 6:30. thank you as always. nathan's on coney island may have a world famous hot dog eating contest. for the third year in a row, a d.c. restaurant stepping into the competitive eating ring. how many burgers could you down in 10 minutes for a chance to win $555,00? b.j. four takes us for a quick lunch at a z burger. >> and now, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, it's time to meet our competitors. >> yeah. >> now for the food. >> come on down, baby.
5:58 pm
whoo. usa! usa! >> the people are big eaters. they come from all over the world to participate in our competition. >> you see gary irving. >> this is all about fun. readyky, get set, go. >> let's go team. >> you get somebody who can be very speedy. as you see he's unbeatable. just have to find somebody who can do it. >> my strategy is thinking about the american soldiers who have defended this country. that's why we're celebrating july fourth. from a revolution to modern day warfare. thank god for the veterans and the veterans who lost their lives. that's what drives me today. >> i'm going to chew as little as possible. hopefully bite and swallow. >> different techniques they use. sometimes they dunk them in the water. >> the only strategy that works for me is go as fast as i can and hope i can hang on. >> three . . . two . . . one,
5:59 pm
time is up. >> the champion, and for the right name, ladies and gentlemen, here he is. >> [ cheers and applause ] >> yeah. winning the z burger contest again for the fourth time is awesome. i mean, i'm exhausted from eating burgers now. i think i need a weekend break. >> i think i need to miss dinner after watching that. that was funny. thanks for joining us at five. the news at six with shawn hancy starts right now. >> this is fox 5 news edge at six. and this is something i've been waiting on for 12 long years, to be able to take a at the person who killed himself. >> one mother's fight for justice comes to an end as the man accused of killing her soint is finally arrested. we begin tonight with breaking news in the district. crews on t


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